Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting our tree

Sunday was cold and lightly snowing, the perfect tree picking day. The kids were all for it, then screamed "HOT COCOA" It was a little colder than we thought.

But we got the perfect tree and all is well in the world. I'll post some pictures of it lit tomorrow. After we decorated the tree and had hot cocoa, we went to the annual tree lighting in town. It was freezing by 6 and Trent wouldn't keep his gloves on. We didn 't last long before going into the church for more hot cocoa and cookies. We brought some cookies, since we have girl scouts in the house we were responsible.

Here's Trent singing with the High School Musical Sing It for Wii. He loves hearing himself sing too cute. And the other one, I'm not sure if he's taking them off or putting them on, it's been a struggle, but I think he finally gets that we don't pull on the tree!!!!!! Scary little man. Anyway, We're having a baby boy in a few months, yeah!! Two boys and two girls, how cool are we?

Today is also my birthday. I didn't have to change diapers or clean for the whole day! I picked up a little, but that's just because I couldn't stand the mess in the playroom until the kids got home from school. Sean even went grocery shopping with Trent, and I got to take a bath in the middle of the day!!!!! I got new slippers, a really cute sweater and a two new books. Then Kurt drove all the way here from Boston to see me and bring me the cutest leather box filled with the new coffee mugs I have been starting to collect. I don't need anymore now! That was so nice of him! Dad came over too with my gift of cash and hung out for a little while. Mom gave me my present early, a beautiful frame with pictures of my family in it. I feel pretty lucky today, but I'm tired from doing nothing. So goodnight for now crazy monkeys and happy birthday!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pictures for Christmas and Trent's 15 months even though he's now 16 months

Here are some of the pictures Kurt took for us. Are my kids so cute or what? I know I'm supposed to
say that cause they are my kids, but wow they
are so cute. I hope this new baby is just as
cute. they have pretty high standards.
Anyway, enough braggy. I'm having a
crappy day. Nothing is going good.
Trent has cried more tonight then in his whole life put together but who can blame him. At least 2 molars are coming in soon I hope. I can feel them right under the skin, and the bottom gums are really swollen too. The poor kid is miserable. Then I couldn't pick up these lovely pictures at Walmart because Kurt takes too professional pictures and I need him to sign a release form. But he's going to do that for me tomorrow because he loves me so much. I felt so dumb at the store. I started to cry when she was telling me all this, so I just walked away. Ah, hormones are lovely things aren't they. Then I didn't realize it was the 2nd today, so when Hailey didn't get off the bus, I freaked out and called the school to see if she went to Girl Scouts on accident. Now they must think I'm really stupid. Just one of those days not to put in the record books. Everyone has to have them once in a while right? Life has been so good here for so long, it was bound to happen. Tomorrow is another day, as long as I can get some sleep. Tomorrow Mom is coming over for a cookie bake-a-thon. Motrin for Trent 45 minutes before we start and hopefully he'll cooperate. I love to bake, it always calms me so I'm very much looking forward to it, and the girls are very good cookie helpers. Hailey rocks at rolling dough, which I suck at, and Kayla makes the cutest little balls. I'm going to take a picture of our new and much improved bathroom for the next blog. I keep forgetting to take a picture of it. It's exciting. I'll try to do more this week, but with my new facebook it's hard to keep up.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh My Trent Try

Over the weekend, Trent decided that he wanted to climb into the cabinet. He has been throwing my canned goods all over the house for a few months, but this time he had a reason. He needed more room so he could get inside it. Here are some super cute pictures. And as hoped for a belly shot. Just don't look up close. We had 3 extra kids that day and I don't know what the background will show, but a mess is an absolute. I have only gained 2 pounds, but as you can see my belly is growing very nicely. I had 2 dreams that is was a boy so far. I feel like I did with Trent's pregnancy, but we'll have to wait till Dec. 5th to find out! I can't wait to know. The baby is kicking a lot now and is getting stronger by the day. I seem to be enjoying this pregnancy a lot too. We'll see how I feel in March and April though, the end is always the worst part.
Back to my other baby Trent. The poor kid has a fever and cough and is miserable. He's only been really sick one other time. He had one ear infection at four months and the sniffles a few months ago, but he's been so healthy I took it for granted. It's all that good momma's milk. He's still nursing a few times a day. One to three depending on his mood and naps. I hope he weens himself, I would hate to do that to him, but he is going to be sixteen months on the 28th, so he can stop whenever he's ready. The bigger I get the harder it is to nurse him.
So I'm blogging at night because I'm babysitting a little girl Kayla's age on Monday and Tuesday and some Sunday's while her dad works out of state. She gets picked up at 11pm and if I don't blog I will fall asleep for sure. I have been falling asleep around 9 or 930 lately. I can't keep my eyes open! Don't know why right? We've been really busy with a house project too, but it's a surprise. We haven't told anybody yet. I can't wait to finish it, by Wednesday I really hope, then I can post pictures of it. It's very exciting, but exhausting. Sean is getting 3 days off a week again after this long holiday weekend and we are so excited. We've been missing him so much working all those hours. More excitment here, Kayla is doing some really awesome reading. She was the only one in her class that read the word HOLIDAY! She is such a book lover and it's so cool to see her bloom like that. She does it all by herself too, no pressure needed!!! And my Hailey who hasn't been liking reading for a while now, has been finishing chapter books at school in three days or less. That is amazing for her because she didn't like to read and because she doesn't get that much time during the day to just sit and read, it's only 15-20 minutes a day. We are so proud of her. If any of you have Junie B books or Mystery A to Z books that you are done with, we would love some. Ok, well I may have to take pictures tomorrow and post more to stay awake again so I better save some of my news for then.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First day of school and on

School is going great for the girls. They are both doing really well and so far they like to go. AM kindergarten is a little much for Kayla some days, but I let her have down time after and then she's ok. I had conferences with both of their teachers and was so pleased. Here's them on their first day of school and second day, Kayla's first bus ride to school. I just can't believe Hailey's in second grade already and Kayla riding the bus was hard for me, but Trent laughed when I cried so it was kind of funny!

This is at the cemetary across the street. I like to take the kids there for some reason. I love this cemetary and always have. It's the first place Sean and I kissed actually. Strange to most people but not for us. It's peaceful there. Trent was a crazy monkey, running all over and climbing on every gravestone he could. The girls wanted to find people with names that they knew, not too many of those since it's a very old cemetary.

Then we come to our Halloween costumes. Mom had just finished all their costumes. So we tried them on! How cute are they?!

Dorothy, Toto and the Lion! I dressed as the scarecrow, but don't have any good pictures of all of us. Sean has been working 7 days a week leaving early in the morning and getting home just in time for dinner. He got here in time to throw food at him then go trick-or-treating. We went around the green with Kayla's friend and family. We were hoping to meet up with Hailey's friends but we pasted them on our way home. 6:30 just came too early for them, sucky! We had fun though. And Trent fell asleep in his stroller on the way home, he never does that, but it was a very busy day. I made three different kinds of supercute cookies for both the girls classes. I'm Kayla's room mom, so I had to be there for 9:30, set up, help with the party, and clean and only one other parent helped me clean up! One mom actually came late, brought more cookies and other stuff we didn't need, then was the first to leave. People like that irke me. When she called I asked her to help with one of the other holiday parties because we already had six parents coming! I guess that was not a good answer for "I have a name well known in Lebanon". That felt good to complain. So then I came home at 11:30 and had to be back by 1:40 for Hailey's parade and party. Then home to make dinner and breath then trick-or-treat from 6:30-8:15.

That's it for now. My computer gave me a hard time when trying to upload pictures. I got it to work this time. We'll see. I'm going to try to blog once a week from now on. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's been so long heres a few highlights

Hailey got extensions in her hair. WOW!!!
Kurt did that as a birthday present for her, they are in still but we cut them to the length of her hair now because it got all knotted up swimming. The girls had their birthday parties with their friends on Kayla's birthday and the day after. Kayla had 5 friends come over for the afternoon. That's her hitting the pinata so cute. Hailey had 4 friends sleepover the next night for hers. Kayla also had 2 friends sleepover that night, so we had a house full. It was so fun though. The kids friends are really sweet and there was no trouble, except 3 of the older girls were climbing the hall at 3 am!!!!!! I told them no breakfast if they didn't go to sleep right away. Crazy little monkeys. This last picture is at the beach. Trent loved the sand and we collected a ton of shells, only to find that most of them were moving and we didn't find out till I was driving on the highway!!!! YUCK!!!!!! So much has been going on since all these pictures, but I would be blogging till the sun comes up, if it ever does it's so rainy and nasty here. School is going well, that will be my next blog. I got two jobs recently so I really haven't had time to blog at all. I'm working nights at a spa down the road. It was going to be just one night a week and turned into full time. It's hard not having dinner with my babies, but it's a really nice place to work and only 7 minutes door to door. Can't beat that. Then, 3 mornings a week while the girls are at school, Trent and I go to a home daycare close by and I take over with the kids so the owner can get normal things done, laundry, exercise, doctor appointments, stuff like that. So far so good. But very very busy here. Sean's hours picked up right when I started working so we are passing each other on the way in and out. But everyone is happy and healthy and adjusting to me working for the most part. Thats a start on my re-entry to blog-dom. I'm going to sleep now.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kurt- a statue in Hartford

Monday before the doctor we went to Bushnell Park with a picnic lunch and saw Kurt as a statue. He was in white with white skin and he is so good and being still. Kayla was nervous at first and Trent kept giving him dirty looks, but they got over it. It was so cool to see.

Birthday parties galour!

Well I read that my sweet little niece Rachel had 2 birthday parties in a week, and so did we! First on Mom's birthday I had my kids party for family. It went pretty well, the kids made out quite well on presents and everyone ate well I think. We had 6 cakes!! I made a Boston Creme Pie and Carrot Cake for Mom and John. Then a chocolate car cake for Trent (this one came out way better) funfetti cupcakes for Hailey, ice cream cake for Kay kay and my little brother in-laws girlfriend Lucy( she's a doll) made a castle cake pink with sparkles. Wow! We had chicken, pork loin and veggie burgers with all different salads, thank you Mom, Joanne and myself. The kids got the coolest toys. Hailey even said the other day, if we couldn't go to the park it would be okay because she had really cool birthday presents to play with. That is not like Hailey at all. Kurt also brought his face paint and painted our faces, mine too! They came out so cute!
So the following morning was Archers birthday. So we grabbed Dad and headed to Mass. We were so tired, but we had to get there on time too because they had their party planned first and I had to throw mine in the same weekend. We ate and play and Rob, Kurt and I played Rockband. It was so fun, but Rob had to play drums or guitar, Kurt on guitar or bass and me singing or we just plain sucked. Sean ended up falling asleep on the couch after Trent fell asleep on him while playing ball with the kids. What a psycho baby! Anyway, I didn't get enough good pictures at his party to post so I suck, but hopefully Rob will post them for us.

Trent turns one!

So on the 28th Trent turned one! We went swimming at a friends house and headed home around 5 to start dinner and cake. Well Trent fell asleep on the way home and I was so happy so he would be rested and we were going to take him outside and cause trouble after the sugar high. He decided it was his birthday and he wanted to sleep, from 5pm till 5am. So we had the cake for him the following night. We attempted a car/truck thing just for fun. He looked at us with his hand over the cake with a "can I?" look on his face. He is so cute! This Monday he had his doctors appointment and is 25.5 lbs. and 32 1/4 inches. Not bad for 1 huh! Anyway, here he is on his day after birthday. The pictures came out of order, but you get the idea.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boston Baby!

So on Monday we took a trip to Boston with Kurt for the day. It was beautiful out. I've never ventured to Boston before so it was a whole new adventure for us. The kids ate ice cream and had smoothies at Quincy Market. And they got tattoos that last for two weeks as you see here. The shoes Trent is wearing are the new squeaky shoes I wrote about in the last post.
The kids were so good walking around for 6 hours. We brought a picnic lunch and sat by the water on the stone bench in one of the pictures. Before we left, we stopped and picked up Dunny's shown here. It was so fun. We really like Boston. Only one bum and one crazy guy preaching at a park. Next adventure is RI to the Flying Caroseul. I can't wait.

We would like to thank Kurt for going on adventures with us just about every week. We are just starting to experience the world and love going with him. Trent even laid down with him at the park!! Sean was a little jealous. And I have to say, Trent finally made it through a long car ride without crying!!!! GO BIGYN!!!!!!