Saturday, February 11, 2012


Looking back I feel really bad about the pictures of Chase I posted!!! He looks like a constipated old man :( He really is cuter than that!!!
Since posting last.......Chase is 2, Trent is 4, Kayla is 8 and Hailey is 10.
We bought my childhood home. Got a 1969 VW BUS.
Sean finished his training and is now a Foreman Journeyman Lineman :)
Life is hectic and happy. We hit a stroke of bad luck with stomach bugs, strep throat, almost broken pinkie and now Trent needed stitches on the inside of his upper lip!!! I think I should home school sometimes. He fell off the sit-on scooters in gym (I've always loved those!!) Poor baby was so brave. But I have to say that watching my tough little guy get put through that was one of the worst feelings. I'm going to make my kids wear helmets and body armour pretty soon!!!
I'm in need of a vacation!!!! We are cruising it in a few months, but ugh, it's a few months away.
Maybe Vermont next weekend (at least me and the kiddos). We shall see.
Nothing really exciting, unless you count me beating the first castle in level 7 of Super Mario Brothers!!! I can't stop!!!!