Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh My Trent Try

Over the weekend, Trent decided that he wanted to climb into the cabinet. He has been throwing my canned goods all over the house for a few months, but this time he had a reason. He needed more room so he could get inside it. Here are some super cute pictures. And as hoped for a belly shot. Just don't look up close. We had 3 extra kids that day and I don't know what the background will show, but a mess is an absolute. I have only gained 2 pounds, but as you can see my belly is growing very nicely. I had 2 dreams that is was a boy so far. I feel like I did with Trent's pregnancy, but we'll have to wait till Dec. 5th to find out! I can't wait to know. The baby is kicking a lot now and is getting stronger by the day. I seem to be enjoying this pregnancy a lot too. We'll see how I feel in March and April though, the end is always the worst part.
Back to my other baby Trent. The poor kid has a fever and cough and is miserable. He's only been really sick one other time. He had one ear infection at four months and the sniffles a few months ago, but he's been so healthy I took it for granted. It's all that good momma's milk. He's still nursing a few times a day. One to three depending on his mood and naps. I hope he weens himself, I would hate to do that to him, but he is going to be sixteen months on the 28th, so he can stop whenever he's ready. The bigger I get the harder it is to nurse him.
So I'm blogging at night because I'm babysitting a little girl Kayla's age on Monday and Tuesday and some Sunday's while her dad works out of state. She gets picked up at 11pm and if I don't blog I will fall asleep for sure. I have been falling asleep around 9 or 930 lately. I can't keep my eyes open! Don't know why right? We've been really busy with a house project too, but it's a surprise. We haven't told anybody yet. I can't wait to finish it, by Wednesday I really hope, then I can post pictures of it. It's very exciting, but exhausting. Sean is getting 3 days off a week again after this long holiday weekend and we are so excited. We've been missing him so much working all those hours. More excitment here, Kayla is doing some really awesome reading. She was the only one in her class that read the word HOLIDAY! She is such a book lover and it's so cool to see her bloom like that. She does it all by herself too, no pressure needed!!! And my Hailey who hasn't been liking reading for a while now, has been finishing chapter books at school in three days or less. That is amazing for her because she didn't like to read and because she doesn't get that much time during the day to just sit and read, it's only 15-20 minutes a day. We are so proud of her. If any of you have Junie B books or Mystery A to Z books that you are done with, we would love some. Ok, well I may have to take pictures tomorrow and post more to stay awake again so I better save some of my news for then.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First day of school and on

School is going great for the girls. They are both doing really well and so far they like to go. AM kindergarten is a little much for Kayla some days, but I let her have down time after and then she's ok. I had conferences with both of their teachers and was so pleased. Here's them on their first day of school and second day, Kayla's first bus ride to school. I just can't believe Hailey's in second grade already and Kayla riding the bus was hard for me, but Trent laughed when I cried so it was kind of funny!

This is at the cemetary across the street. I like to take the kids there for some reason. I love this cemetary and always have. It's the first place Sean and I kissed actually. Strange to most people but not for us. It's peaceful there. Trent was a crazy monkey, running all over and climbing on every gravestone he could. The girls wanted to find people with names that they knew, not too many of those since it's a very old cemetary.

Then we come to our Halloween costumes. Mom had just finished all their costumes. So we tried them on! How cute are they?!

Dorothy, Toto and the Lion! I dressed as the scarecrow, but don't have any good pictures of all of us. Sean has been working 7 days a week leaving early in the morning and getting home just in time for dinner. He got here in time to throw food at him then go trick-or-treating. We went around the green with Kayla's friend and family. We were hoping to meet up with Hailey's friends but we pasted them on our way home. 6:30 just came too early for them, sucky! We had fun though. And Trent fell asleep in his stroller on the way home, he never does that, but it was a very busy day. I made three different kinds of supercute cookies for both the girls classes. I'm Kayla's room mom, so I had to be there for 9:30, set up, help with the party, and clean and only one other parent helped me clean up! One mom actually came late, brought more cookies and other stuff we didn't need, then was the first to leave. People like that irke me. When she called I asked her to help with one of the other holiday parties because we already had six parents coming! I guess that was not a good answer for "I have a name well known in Lebanon". That felt good to complain. So then I came home at 11:30 and had to be back by 1:40 for Hailey's parade and party. Then home to make dinner and breath then trick-or-treat from 6:30-8:15.

That's it for now. My computer gave me a hard time when trying to upload pictures. I got it to work this time. We'll see. I'm going to try to blog once a week from now on. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.