Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kurt- a statue in Hartford

Monday before the doctor we went to Bushnell Park with a picnic lunch and saw Kurt as a statue. He was in white with white skin and he is so good and being still. Kayla was nervous at first and Trent kept giving him dirty looks, but they got over it. It was so cool to see.

Birthday parties galour!

Well I read that my sweet little niece Rachel had 2 birthday parties in a week, and so did we! First on Mom's birthday I had my kids party for family. It went pretty well, the kids made out quite well on presents and everyone ate well I think. We had 6 cakes!! I made a Boston Creme Pie and Carrot Cake for Mom and John. Then a chocolate car cake for Trent (this one came out way better) funfetti cupcakes for Hailey, ice cream cake for Kay kay and my little brother in-laws girlfriend Lucy( she's a doll) made a castle cake pink with sparkles. Wow! We had chicken, pork loin and veggie burgers with all different salads, thank you Mom, Joanne and myself. The kids got the coolest toys. Hailey even said the other day, if we couldn't go to the park it would be okay because she had really cool birthday presents to play with. That is not like Hailey at all. Kurt also brought his face paint and painted our faces, mine too! They came out so cute!
So the following morning was Archers birthday. So we grabbed Dad and headed to Mass. We were so tired, but we had to get there on time too because they had their party planned first and I had to throw mine in the same weekend. We ate and play and Rob, Kurt and I played Rockband. It was so fun, but Rob had to play drums or guitar, Kurt on guitar or bass and me singing or we just plain sucked. Sean ended up falling asleep on the couch after Trent fell asleep on him while playing ball with the kids. What a psycho baby! Anyway, I didn't get enough good pictures at his party to post so I suck, but hopefully Rob will post them for us.

Trent turns one!

So on the 28th Trent turned one! We went swimming at a friends house and headed home around 5 to start dinner and cake. Well Trent fell asleep on the way home and I was so happy so he would be rested and we were going to take him outside and cause trouble after the sugar high. He decided it was his birthday and he wanted to sleep, from 5pm till 5am. So we had the cake for him the following night. We attempted a car/truck thing just for fun. He looked at us with his hand over the cake with a "can I?" look on his face. He is so cute! This Monday he had his doctors appointment and is 25.5 lbs. and 32 1/4 inches. Not bad for 1 huh! Anyway, here he is on his day after birthday. The pictures came out of order, but you get the idea.