Monday, April 28, 2008

Washington, DC

The White House
The Vietnam Wall

World War II Memorial. Reflecting Pool

Washington was interesting. Trent cried the whole way there, it was in the 80's then pouring and cold. We were lost and walking around in the heat and exhausted. Dinner never happened before 7 and we all know how we get when we're hungry!!!!

This picture is us at the zoo. Trent slept through all the cool stuff, but we saw pandas, elephants, hippos, zebras all cool stuff. This was our first day there.

This is day two. Our six plus miles of walking in 85 degree weather. But the kids did better than I expected. Did I mention the Pope was in DC at the same time as us, so were 15 different 8th grade classes. Yes, I do suck at time managment.

We also went to the Natural History Museum this day and Trent had his first caroseul ride. Yes I'm feeding him to a Hippo!

It was good to be away but I am very happy we are home.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring has finally arrived and it is above 60!! We went to the park today and have been outside quite a bit. We are going to DC next Thursday through Monday and I cannot wait to get away for a few days. Check Trent out here with his new teeth. The top picture is the girls helping with the St. Pattys day cupcakes! Yummy.

This was a few weeks ago but wow how cute is he. He is getting into everything, and he tried to climb Hailey's dresser this morning, at eight months! He has been standing and moving along furniture for a month now and is crazy explorer baby. He's so happy I just love it.

The other picture is from Easter at Moms house. The kids are all huge! Mom picked out the girls dresses, and they look so pretty.

Hailey wrote me a note that said I was fat and she hated me. Nice. She is mini-me, scary! She's been sucking up to me ever sense saying how pretty I am. The joys of parenthood huh. They are doing really well and Kayla just grew a few inches. Her pants were showing off her ankles so it's time to move up a size again. She is so tall for a four year old. Well, Trent is driving Kayla crazy right now and I need to go outside and play in this 66 degree weather! Bye. And Kim, can't wait to go to the Statue of Liberty with you guys! The hotel there is a little out of price range, so we'll meet up with you on that Friday.