Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter does have it's moments of fun. We made a little place to sled in the back yard. It's tiny so even Trent can go down! Chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa make it all that much better. I take Trent and Kayla out almost everyday after lunch, or just Trent before Kayla gets off the bus. It makes him sleepy and he takes a much better nap for me. And now that he's in his own bed, at least for naps and part of the night, we have to tire him out a little more. He's been going to bed around 8 and staying in his room till 1am. I have tried to keep him in there but he wakes up as soon as I leave. It's a work in progress. Anyway, I just wanted to upload pictures of my babies.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

coco key water park vacation

We had the weirdest trip ever. We get there, we play it's all good. We leave to have dinner, and Kayla and Trent both fall fast asleep in less than 5 minutes. So we order pizza and go back to the room. At 1:30 in the morning, Sean and I get woken up by the fire/evacuation alarm!!! I go check it out and a water main broke, but we don't have to leave. Ok, so I have the hardest time going back to sleep. So we get up the next day, dilly dally then head to the water park. It's all good. We had so much fun. You can see the picture of the girls going across the floating disks, so cute. Kayla was the smallest kid to go across, GO KAYLA! We go to get towels and there are none! The water main made it so they couldn't do all the laundry!!!! So we freeze back to the room so Trent can take a nap. It's 2:30 at this point. They haven't cleaned our room! So he sleeps for 2 hours while Sean and the girls go to the arcade and then we get up to go to dinner. We go to Friendly's and it's good and fast, until ice cream time. Trent is a little antcy, and the waiter forgets about the ice cream. It took 20 minutes to get our ice cream when it only took 10-15 for the food. Are you kidding? So we go back to the hotel, still no cleaning person has been there!! So we have no towels and neither does the waterpark. So we go to the pool instead. They have no towels either!!! So again we freeze back to the room. I'm starving again, pregnancy and all, so we order room service. The kids finally fall asleep by 10 and I toss and turn all night. I could not sleep good after that alarm going off the night before. So, our last day. Sean's glasses broke. And he is blind. He has his 2 year old ones, so he wears those. We get up and pack up and load up the car. Do express check out and head to the waterpark again. It wasn't as busy because we got there early. We get a good table and go play. We stop for lunch and are just finishing eating, when an employee comes over and tells us we have to evacuate!!! Are you kidding me? So we get out of there. The chlorine levels were way too high, nice. They are giving partial refunds for the day so we go to the front desk, where tons of people are waiting and mad and yikes. Trent has had enough. It's nap time by then. So we just leave before reaching the desk. They emailed me and gave us money back, $105, not bad and $100 off our next visit, if we go back. So we go to Salem, MA. It's such a cute little place. We go to the witch museum and that was a bad idea! They put you in a dark room and use red lights to show different scences from the Salem Witch Trials. Kayla and Trent are beside themselves, so we skip the second half, the meaning of the word witch and take off. We go to Kurt's mall to meet up with him and I force Sean to get new glasses at Lenscrafters. Of course our eye doctor is not open because it's a weekend, but they read his perscription off his sunglasses and get started on a new pair for him. His old ones were so bad he was getting a headache and couldn't read road signs, not good when driving home at night!! We see Kurt, have dinner, go to Build-A-Bear while we wait for Sean's glasses. Then we go to Kurt's apartment. It is cute and really comfy. It makes you feel at home. We leave there at 10pm. The kids pass out in the car, and as soon as we stop so I can pee yet again, I'm out too. Poor Sean! We get home just after midnight and man do I love my bed. We all sleep so good. The first few days back to school were a little hard. Still on vacation mode, we all slept till 8am and the girls have to get on the bus at 8:18. So I drove them. It's funny but we did have a good time. When we were playing at the waterpark, pool and arcade all was great. And we collected 1100 tickets, yeah, so we got lots of junkie little toys to take home, my favorite.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas to New Years blah blah blah

Christmas Eve at our house. It went well, we had lasagna, a meat, veggie and seafood kind. Very tasty. The kids had fun wrestling and opening presents. Although, Trent was mad that he couldn't just carry all the presents around. Opening them just isn't that fun when you're young. Mom even got all the kids matching pj's, dork! Then Christmas day was here with Sean's family. We had yummy glazed ham. I cooked way too much food but that's ok. Leftovers are good too. The kids got really good presents this year and were not spoiled too much. We got cash from a few family members for our Coco Key Water Park vacation. Battleship is a big hit here and the girls look so cute in their China silky clothes. Over all things couldn't have been better.
We have had such a good year. I can't wait to see how 2009 turns out. The girls made it to the ball drop, I barely did and we toasted with sparkling grape juice from wine glasses. We have baby Chase to look forward to, Sean finishing his apprenticeship, paying off the van! I really am the happiest I've ever been in my whole life. Things are just so good.