Friday, September 26, 2008

It's been so long heres a few highlights

Hailey got extensions in her hair. WOW!!!
Kurt did that as a birthday present for her, they are in still but we cut them to the length of her hair now because it got all knotted up swimming. The girls had their birthday parties with their friends on Kayla's birthday and the day after. Kayla had 5 friends come over for the afternoon. That's her hitting the pinata so cute. Hailey had 4 friends sleepover the next night for hers. Kayla also had 2 friends sleepover that night, so we had a house full. It was so fun though. The kids friends are really sweet and there was no trouble, except 3 of the older girls were climbing the hall at 3 am!!!!!! I told them no breakfast if they didn't go to sleep right away. Crazy little monkeys. This last picture is at the beach. Trent loved the sand and we collected a ton of shells, only to find that most of them were moving and we didn't find out till I was driving on the highway!!!! YUCK!!!!!! So much has been going on since all these pictures, but I would be blogging till the sun comes up, if it ever does it's so rainy and nasty here. School is going well, that will be my next blog. I got two jobs recently so I really haven't had time to blog at all. I'm working nights at a spa down the road. It was going to be just one night a week and turned into full time. It's hard not having dinner with my babies, but it's a really nice place to work and only 7 minutes door to door. Can't beat that. Then, 3 mornings a week while the girls are at school, Trent and I go to a home daycare close by and I take over with the kids so the owner can get normal things done, laundry, exercise, doctor appointments, stuff like that. So far so good. But very very busy here. Sean's hours picked up right when I started working so we are passing each other on the way in and out. But everyone is happy and healthy and adjusting to me working for the most part. Thats a start on my re-entry to blog-dom. I'm going to sleep now.