Sunday, February 17, 2008

The first week in Feb was over 40 degrees!!!!

Trent went on the baby swing for the first time. We were very excited it was over 40 degrees, so we cleaned out our cars and played outside with the kids. He wasn't sure at first, but then he liked it! It's funny how Hailey didn't go on a swing till she was much older, Kayla was a little younger than Hailey and Trent is 6 months. The youngest ones get so much more excitement as babies.
Right now he has an ear infection and is not taking the medicine well at all. The girls said I should take it so he can get it in my milk. I wonder.... The other excitement we've been having is swimming! We bought a pool pass at a somewhat local hotel and have gone swimming 4 times just this week. Yesterday we were at the pool for 2 hours and I cannot believe how good Trent was. Hailey swims like a fish if she's wearing floaties, but is TERRIFIED if she isn't wearing them. Kayla, the one who was born in the water, will not attempt to swim at all. You have to hold her or she will stay on the stairs. I haven't gotten to take pictures yet, I was alone with the kids except the last time we went, but I will bring my camera next time and post some. I love the water!!!!!!! I feel like I'm on vacation every time we go, it recharges me. As I re-read this I realize how much I ramble and am very sorry. I think I need to get out more! Kurt is coming over this week and will get some grown-up time YEAH!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hailey designed clothes for a barbie and ken wedding

This is Hailey's design for Barbie and Ken's wedding. We framed it so we could get big bucks for it some day. I got her a bratz fashion designer kit and it should be coming in a few weeks, very exciting. Her first design is hidden away but it had boots, pants and a shirt all designed by Hailey. Then she found similar clothes of hers and wore them to school the next day. She is going to rule the world I tell you. And her first day of school outfit was too cute and perfect for her personality. Mom did buy her the outfit but there were stretch pants with it, and those are not an option for my children. Even if I liked them, my girls will not wear them!

Kayla has a yucky cold and don't laugh at her!

So, Kayla does not like it when you laugh at her, even if she is being crazy and she knows it. She gets all offended and cries. The girl is a faucet. This picture was taken this morning right after she got up. Me and Hailey and Trent were looking at pictures of her posing and dressed up like a penguin. She loves the camera even though she's shy. She strikes a pose whenever possible (at home) She is the anti-me. She acts a lot like Kurt.

This is a few weeks ago when she was posing for the camera. Americas Next Top Model here she comes! Hailey's going to design the clothes and Kayla is going to model them. How cute is that. I know it's sideways but I haven't mastered the art of this process yet.

trent and sean

Saturday morning sleeping in for Sean. Trent back asleep for his 9 am nap. The life of luxury the boys in this house have. Must be nice to sleep past 9! Granted all my kids are decent sleepers. Kayla has been known to sleep till 10 on non-school days. And Hailey went to PM kindergarten last year because we are not morning people. First grade put a damper on that though. Now Hailey is up at 7 every day. Good news though, Trent slept through the night again!! He was sleeping from 8 or 9 till 7 am then stopped. The last 2 nights we got no sleep because he is sick, and so am I so you can imagine the pleasantness in this house the last few days. But he did it again, nursed at 815 and slept till 10 after 7!!! Go Trent, and he is back asleep right now. This blog is a great way to take a picture or two every day!! Good thinking Kim.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Hailey is growing up too fast

Hailey is only six but she seems so much older than that lately. She wants to be a fashion designer and she has got the attitude for a demanding reality. She's like me in so many ways it will be a struggle for us I think, but I'm in awe of her.

Kayla was a penguin

An aquarium came to Kayla's nursery school and picked her to dress up like a penguin. She is so shy she didn't move a muscle the whole time, I was laughing so hard I almost cried.

Trent's Six Months

Trent had his 6 month doctors appoinment today and is huge! 20 lbs. 8 oz. and 29 inches. My little man is a very big boy. He's amazing!