Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chase and updates

that is a goofy face but i love it, and its from yesterday!

It's been a little crazy around here. The first two weeks were pretty hard, but now we've got it down. I took all four kids to BJ's yesterday! Chase was 6lbs. 15 oz. and 19 inches when he was born, little peanut. At five weeks he was 10lbs. 1 oz and 22 1/2 inches! Seans Grandma says I have cream not milk! He has so much hair he needs it cut already and he is smiling now!! Trent is so super sweet with him. He's such a rough and tough little guy we were a little worried, but no need. He loves to kiss his baby brother and is oh so soft with him. He did learn a few new things in the last few weeks. He can open all the doors in the house, lovely. Sean found out the hard way, he saw Trent outside sitting on the lawnmower while I was taking a shower! Kayla is being so helpful. Trent is really attached to his big sisters and lights up when Kayla gets home at 1130 from school. She loves her baby baby brother but confessed that she likes them more when they don't eat all the time! Its the hardest on her I think. Hailey fights with us to hold Chase. Her and Sean practically play tug of war with him, but I always win cause he's always hungry, I love nursing! She is doing well in karate, she has her yellow belt and is taking a test tonight. She can flip Sean! I'll have to record it to post when Ihave time again. Kayla cut my hair, we went fishing and had the parade. I know its a lot of pictures, but I don't want you to get cheated out of seeing them.

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Kim said...

I love all the pictures! You are one busy momma. Holy cow. I think I hole up and do nothing but nurse for like three months. Fishing? Seriously, with a newborn? I would use any excuse in the world to avoid that one! Chase is so cute and he has his own little look. So glad to hear everyone is adjusting nicely.

You're such a loving mom that it can't help but go well. Of course there will be tough days but those happen even when the kids are four and five YEARS apart. Enjoy. We miss you.

P.S.-My computer has crashed so I haven't been able to do much by way of posting or even reading blogs or email. It sucks. Hopefully, I hear today whether they can fix it or not.